Ron Jackson first stepped into a television broadcast studio at the age of 8 and he’s been performing on stage, on camera, and on demand ever since.

A scholarship student in drama at East Texas State University and The University of Houston, Mr. Jackson found his way into the broadcast world, working in positions of prominence in both radio and television. He holds the record for most consecutive performances on a Houston stage, having appeared in productions without a break for over 2-1/2 years. He toured the nation for several years in various productions featuring headliners from TV & Film.

His work as a news anchor lead to his appointment as the youngest television news director and anchor in a top 100 market, and later five years as the drive time producer/anchor for Houston’s KPRC-AM radio. He was heard on countless other stations across the country via CBS Radio and Metro Networks.

Ron has also enjoyed an active career as an actor and voice talent, appearing in or directing countless plays, commercials, industrial productions, and music videos.

His on screen resume includes 24 feature films, including a role in Oliver Stone’s JFK.

Mr. Jackson’s professional accolades include the advertising world’s prestigious Mobious Award as well as  regional Clios, Advertising Association Awards, and various awards of appreciation for his teaching and coaching efforts.

In the course of his professional career, Ron Jackson’s pursuit of his craft has exposed him to virtually every aspect of the business of show business and has equipped him to pass on that knowledge and experience in expert fashion to aspiring actors, models, and performers.
Co-Creator of Project GreenRoom, RJ is now sole proprietor of Ron Jackson Studios, and is dedicated to helping people to be better communicators on-stage and in life.



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